Below you’ll find all the RPGs and LARPs available this year at Leprecon!

Signups will be held as follows: Approximately 50% of tickets for each game will be available from when the convention opens across the entire weekend, and the remaining tickets will go on-sale the hour before the slot begins- For example, if a game has six player slots and starts at 2pm on Saturday, three tickets will be available from 5pm on Friday to purchase up until 1pm on Saturday, whereupon three more will become available, along with any unsold tickets from before. As with previous years, each RPG slot will be 3 euro to cover tables and food for our amazing GMs, who do not get paid to write their scenarios.

Fri 6-9pmNo Job Too SmallA Märchen MarriageSalt the Sea
Sat 10am-1pmAutumn of FearAzure FallsNot in Kansas AnymoreNecronomiCon: Convention of Ultimate Evil
Sat 2-5pmOn The Road AgainA Likely Lethal Mexican holidayThe Creeping HungerIncarnate
Sat 6-9pmGnombody has to know: A Gnomes in Trench Coats Adventure7 Days in Caol. Dreams & DisappearancesUnFair City
Sun 10am -1pmTechnoanarch Space Pirates and Mechs (Part 1?)Biggles flies to the Finland StationSeven kingdoms of cambrick
Sun 2-5pmA Guide To Mega City LawThe Great EnlightenmentWhat Lies in the Deep Game 2: With Friends Like These

Timetable may be subject to change.


Friday 6pm-9pm

No Job Too Small

By Sean Donnelly

A DnD 5e game for 5 players Rated PG

Alright ya mooks, listen up – I’m only gonna go over this once. We got the heist of the century coming up and we’re gonna need the best of the best to pull it off.

The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor’s been opened up and all them fancy adventurers are making their way through it as we speak. They’ll be clearing up all the traps, dealing with the monsters and all that derring-do. All we gotta do is sneak in under their noses, grab the treasure and make our escape.

It’s a simple job, in and out – what could go wrong?

No Job Too Small is a high-stakes heist for 5 diminutive rogues.

A Marchen Wedding

By Eimear Quinn

A changeling game for 5 players Rated PG

“The crown of Dublin is wreathed in young leaves and budding flowers and all know that Spring has come. After a long and cruel Winter, the Changelings of Dublin could do with a damn good party. And what better reason to celebrate than the joining of a young couple in love? But before the wine can be poured, there’s work to be done and you owe the Queen of Spring a favour… A changeling the lost game of strange beauty and wedding planning for 4-5 players.”

Salt the Sea

By David Cluff

A DnD 5e game for 5 players Rated Teen

It’s quiet down here, fathoms beneath the surface. The hum of the water-displacer mingles with the nervous breathing of your crewmates and fills the tight spaces of the submarine. Long minutes stretch between each of the diviner’s announcements, filled with the grim certainty that the next will only tell you how much closer the other sub has drawn. It’s sleek and powerful, with a pointed prow designed to tear through the hulls of other vessels – a design you’ve only ever known to be used by pirates. They’re already manoeuvring to ram it far enough into your sub to step out of their hatches into your mess hall. You don’t know how long it’ll be before they retreat with your cargo, leaving nothing but a ragged hole onto crushing, airless depths. You have one hope: engage in a little counter-piracy.

Saturday 10AM – 1PM

Autumn of Fear

By Feargal Keenan

A Vampire 5th Ed game for 5 players Rated Mature

Sorry Boss, Know you wants me not to but I shall again. On the double this evening got me two and cut em both good but one screamed so loud and high afore I silenced her I tell you. Tastes so sweet her red in what I spilled. You’d have lapped the cobbles for her scarlet you would have. You stopping me now night suckers? King of Whitechapel they call me in the dark, spilling red in my wake like a doctor haha. Call you prince do they? I’ll spill more than you drink.
Your Saucy Jack

Azure Falls

By Aoife Reilly

A Stars without Number 2e game for 6 players Rated Teen

The Azure Wendigo, a spaceliner, hurtles towards a desolate planet, with a single rocky landmass amid a sea of shallow water. It’s crew desperately try to save her, but trapped in a gravity well, and with her systems fried from an unknown EMP blast, there’s little they can do. As they run for the last escape pod, what will they find on the planet below? Will they survive, and will they manage to escape?

Not in Kansas Anymore

By Adam

A GURPS Infinite World game for 5 players Rated PG

Congratulations! You have been accepted for the Infinity Patrol Training Program.
Ever since we discovered how to travel to other worlds, a state of confusion has been hanging over our Earth. When there’s a universe where Lenin was assassinated, where Rome never fell, or where everyone is a lizard-person, it is sometimes difficult to make sense of the multiverse. That’s where you will come in. As an initiate member to Infinity Patrol Reconnaissance, you will be visiting all the strange and surprising parallels out there, to reassure us all that two and two make four, that the rules don’t have exceptions, that magic isn’t real.
Your presence is requested at our station in Brooklyn, New York on Monday 09/09 to jump to our off-world facility and begin your training.
You will undergo a jump to a parallel labeled Victor-2, where the training facility is located. This is standard procedure; if you have never undergone parachronic travel, rest assured that you are in the hands of the best, and nothing will go wrong. Did we mention magic isn’t real?

Saturday 2PM – 5PM

On The Road Again

By Seán Donnelly

A Mouse guard game for 5 players Rated PG

The forest is a dangerous place for any animal, especially one as small as a mouse. And yet, despite their stature, the mice have thrived among the trees for years. The Mouse Guard defend the peace and prosperity of their kingdom. For generations, this league of scouts, weather-watchers, trailblazers, and protectors has passed on its knowledge and skills.

It is Summer, 1153. The spring chill has come and gone, and the forest mice have ventured out into the world once more. A caravan carrying vital supplies sets out for the town of Pebblebrook, at the very edge of the Mouse Territories, but the road is still treacherous. Summer rains, bandits and beasts seek to waylay the caravan and leave Pebblebrook forsaken. Luckily, the Mouse Guard are on hand to keep it safe!

A Likely Lethal Mexican holiday

By LegendGerry

A Likely Lethal game for 5 players Rated Teen

You’re having a nice vacation in a upmarket and quiet holiday resort in Mexico when you get a call, the powers that be need a quick favour, quick as in it needs to be completed within the next three hours.
Of course it’s illegal, no you only have the other assets that were also on holiday near by.
No gear, no back up, no problem?

The Creeping Hunger

By Lorcan Daly

A Vampire Dark ages 20th Anniversary game for 5 players Rated Mature

You’ve awoken one dusk only to realise you don’t know who you are, where you are, and who the hell these other kindred are that are surrounding you. But strangest of all, you can’t bear the thought of drinking from that dead mortal. Good thing you’re not hungry… yet. Maybe with the others you can piece together who you are and what happened. Or you can bicker until you hit wassail from starvation. Your choice

Saturday 6pm-9pm

Gnombody has to know: A Gnomes in Trench Coats Adventure

Eoin Holton & Cormac McKinstry

A DnD 5e game for 6 players Rated PG

You are the exceptional criminal crew know far and wide as Gnomes in Trench Coats (GTC), a mighty group of trained fighters, entertainers and dashing rapscallions who are always up to devilment. Some people stand on the shoulders of giants to achieve great means, whereas you guys stand on your own shoulders to become giants!*
*(Not actually giant, just about average height)
One day you receive a message from Auld Granny Glittertooth, an old crime boss you worked with back in the day and she’s got a big job for you all. A local establishment, the Atypical Apothecary, has fallen behind on their, um, “taxes” to Granny and her Totally Legitimate Guest House and she wants you “gain entry” and “retrieve” compensation for their lapse in payment. She’s heard that they have acquired the rare and expensive apothecarial ingredient Leaves of Barry! Her only rule; don’t bring any unwanted attention onto yourself and don’t kill anyone!
You must gain entry to this house of good repute and retrieve the good stuff for Granny and pinch some stuff for yourselves along the way!

A puzzle and roleplay-based adventure, with some light combat. Light-hearted and jokey, come along if you dare

This space is intentionally left vague

By Redacted

A who knows game for 5 players Rated ?

We’ll all find out together

7 Days in Caol. Dreams & Disappearances

By Aidan

A DnD 5e game for 6 players Rated T for Teen

The Caol forests grow silent, and nights rest become a distant memory for the hamlet’s people. When the nightmares become too much the mayor hires a group of adventurers to end the bad omens. The party must investigate the situation, but the days are short and the moonless nights obscure much

Sunday 10AM – 1PM

Space Pirates, Hulking Mechs and a raid on the corporate machine

By Luke Flanagan

A Lancer Game for 6 Players rated T for Teen.

By the year 2342, humanity has spread across the stars, exploring colonising and resource-stripping all they come across. At the fore is the galaxy-spanning corporate machine, revelling in the unregulated freedom space provides for their avarice. Ruling an untold number of worlds across are the rising capitalist, corporate police-states, enforced by their hired agents. Few nowadays can still claim independence. Those that do live a tough life, often labelled outlaws and pushed into nefarious roles such as pirate, mercenary and bounty hunter. Some, however, revel is this life. This is your life. Riding the space-ways, your crew of space cowboys roam from world to world doing the dangerous jobs no one else wants to do, sliding under the various enforcement groups’ watchful eyes. Your latest job has just come in, and it’s going to be a fun one! A contact on the black market is looking to pick up a military-grade Faster-than-light jump drive, allowing the user to bypass the corporate-controlled system relays for travel. Pay is good, and with the enforcement agencies’ eyes narrowing in on you, having one for yourself would be a great advantage. Pirates of yore didn’t let the navy to stop and frisk them, did they? So, it’s time to suit up, power up your battle mechs and prepare for a hot drop right into the heart of the military industrial machine – We’re in for a bumpy ride!

Biggles flies to the Finland Station

By Mike Cosgrave

A Savage Worlds Game for 6 Players, Rated M for Mature

It is October 23rd, 1917 and Biggles and Co. have arrived in Saint Petersburg on a mission to share technology with the Imperial Russian Naval air service, and in return learn more about Igor Sikorsky’s very successful four engined bomber. What could possibly go wrong?

In this Savage Worlds cliffhangers style adventure set against the backdrop of events in Saint Petersburg in October 1917, hidden tensions, secrets and passions lurk below the surface as the players endeavour to satisfy their official mission without revealing or compromising their secret loyalties, hopes and dreams. Can you, as a player take your character beyond the cardboard cut out level of classic pulp high adventure and add a layer of personality driven role-playing?

Sunday 2PM – 5PM

A Guide To Mega City Law

By Sean Donnelly (Seriously? We know you’re the Gamers President but are you okay dude?)

A Judge Dredd RPG for 5 Players, Rated T For Teen


Congratulations, Cadet! You have made it through the Academy of Law’s rigorous Judge Training program, and you’re nearly ready to graduate. There’s just one more exam left between you and that full eagle badge – the street test! That’s right, you’ll get to hit the mean streets of the Meg and show crime what for, all under the watchful eye of [INSERT JUDGE-TUTOR NAME HERE]. Please present yourself to the Grand Hall of Justice for full briefing and final psych evaluations.

Assault on Sector 13 is a game of sci-fi law enforcement in the zany dystopia of Mega-City One.

The Great Enlightenment

By Gillian Doyle

A Risus game for 4 players, Rated T for Teen

A new era is dawning, and you are right in the middle of it. Surrounded by free-thinking, free-loving radicals, the 70s are here to stay. By that of course you mean the 1770s. Revolution is en vogue, but until it comes to you, you’ve got a lot to say. And the best place for that right about now is the salon, where rich and poor intellectuals alike can come together and discuss what really MATTERS, man! Who knows what you’ll discover where great minds converge…
A simple system adventure of conversation and mystery.


Friday 6pm – 9pm


Saturday 10AM – 1PM

NecronomiCon: Convention of Ultimate Evil

By Cormac McKinstry & Alan Armstrong

A 15 Player LARP rated Teen

*80s advertiser voice* Are you an evil Overlord? Have you had problems with groups of goody-two-shoes heroes coming in and ruining your nefarious schemes? Are you frustrated with how the forces of good have come to dominate the kingdoms of Generica? Well so are we, which is why we invite you to NecronomiCon I, the Convention of Ultimate Evil!

Sponsored by the National Tavern Keepers Guild, and the Eternal Order of Inevitable Neutrality, NecronomiCon will gather the best and the brightest Evil Overlords from across Generica for three days of plotting, idea sharing and team-building in a uniquely synergistic corporate event! Come meet liches, dragons, the most successful of monsters and most head-turning heralds of the Dark Powers, and join forces to finally bring an end to the foul reign of the forces of Good.

Tonight, the convention will begin with our grand Opening Ceremony, where you’ll meet your fellow conspirators, get to know each other and engage in some light team-building. We are sure you’ll have a wicked good time!

*A comedic fantasy larp of scheming, old grudges and Ulimtate Evil, for 10-20 Evil Overlords, Overladies, and all aspiring Rulers of the Cosmos!*

Saturday 2PM – 5PM


By Gavin

A homebrew political fantasy LARP rated Teen

“The Weaver has trapped the Wyrm. The Wyld is lashing out at those trying
to help it. Gaia is missing. I fear the worst for her. I ask you now cousins to come together in her name and help foster the children she left behind. You are the great forces of the world. The Incarnae. And Earth needs your help.”

Saturday 6pm – 9pm

UnFair City

By Feargal Keenan

A Campire the Masquerade for 10 players LARP rated Teen

The f***ing Inquisition is here what stupid f***head of a b*****d forgot not to drink in f***ing public!? The Prince has called everyone to the f***ing war room to get this s*** under control. Whoever f***ed up is dead meat, f***ing heads are gonna f***ing roll and we don’t even give a s**t if you think you’re Dracula’s Bride you absolute c***womble. We fix this tonight or we all end up in an ashtray. You dig? Good, you f***ing morons.
Sheriff Hastings

Sunday 10AM – 1PM

Seven kingdoms of cambrick

By John

A high fantasy 15 20 player LARP rated Teen

Game two :Gold rush!
There’s gold in them there hills -or at least that’s what the rumours say
Well who wouldn’t want fame, fortune and adventure so it’s off to the Dutchy of Renfrew ,where the hell in Murlak is that anyway?

Sunday 2PM – 5PM

What Lies in the Deep Game 2: With Friends Like These

By Jack Carey

A FATE Postapocalyptic LARP rated Mature

The Valhalla Project is a success.

The Shallow Cities, spearheaded by the denizens of Hell, have have revitalised the city of New Orleans, now called Valhalla. Undead continue to harass the living but for now the greater concern is an increase in piracy by large bands of Blackflags. The Valhalla Group have convened to see what they should do and how they should best protect Valhalla from this emerging threat.