Below you’ll find all the RPGs and LARPs available this year at Leprecon!

Signups will be held as follows: Approximately 50% of tickets for each game will be available from when the convention opens across the entire weekend, and the remaining tickets will go on-sale the hour before the slot begins- For example, if a game has six player slots and starts at 2pm on Saturday, three tickets will be available from 5pm on Friday to purchase up until 1pm on Saturday, whereupon three more will become available, along with any unsold tickets from before. As with previous years, each RPG slot will be 3 euro to cover tables and food for our amazing GMs, who do not get paid to write their scenarios.

Timetable may be subject to change.


The Bare Necessities

By Seán Donnelly

A Mouse Guard game for 5 players

The forest is a dangerous place for any animal, especially one as small as a mouse. And yet, despite their stature, the mice have thrived among the trees for years. The Mouse Guard defend the peace and prosperity of their kingdom. For generations, this league of scouts, weather-watchers, trailblazers, and protectors has passed on its knowledge and skills.

It is Spring, 1153. Following a long, hard winter, the mice of the forest have begun to wake from their hibernation and venture back out into the world. There are paths to clear, trade routes to reclaim and old friends to catch up with. But it’s not just the mice that are waking up – something else is out there in the melting snow, something that could bring an end to the Mouse Territories as we know them…

A trailblazing, beast-battling adventure for 5 brave mice.

Adventures of TinTin: The Hugged Face

By Legendgerry

A Cthulhu game for 5 players

TinTin and friends have concluded yet another adventure in Argentina and are now aboard a tramp steamer to Australia via the Antartic picking up equipment and specimens left behind by an ill fated expedition just before the previous winter. The night after you leave the station you are awakened by Snowy the dog, who is going beserk about something, something in the cabin wall….

Please note: This game is not suitable for children.

Against the Bandit Prince

By Cian Scattergood

A Dungeon Crawl game for 3-6 players

The hamlet you come home has stood for centuries. It history has never been recorded. The people are simple they toil the land. All your life you have suffered at the hands of agents of chaos. Be it corrupt barons, evil Kings, bandits or goblins you have been raided and pillaged or taxed into submission. Today is the day that ends. The villagers will rise, you will rise against those who seek to oppress you and cast off the chains that seek to bind you. Rise against the tyrant and make it so the streets run red with his blood. To create a better life for those of you who survive.

Six Go to the Sea

By Cormac McKinstry

A Kids on Bikes game for 6 players

In October 1940, when you were taken out of school and told you were being evacuated to the coast, you were told to keep a stiff upper lip, to keep calm and carry on, as a proud Briton should. As the Luftwaffe reigned terror on London, you were whisked away on a packed train, away from your home, parents and everything you knew to the remote coast of Suffolk.

Now you’ve been left with a bunch of other strange and horrid children, in the dusty old manor of a secretive Earl. The mysterious manor, strange windmills on the hill, stray doggies and the ever-looming Nazi menace should make this a most unusual stay.

A delightful Kids on Bikes adventure in the style of Enid Blyton’s ‘Secret Seven’

Hymn for a Hecatomb

By Damien Royer

An Antika game for up to 7 players

Originally imported from France, Antika is a role-playing set in the Ancient Greece of legends. You play heroes, descendants of the great Greek gods, in a world where mythical creatures and gods in disguise roam the world. However, you’ll be able to fight destiny and the will of the gods.

During this one-shot, your travels will lead you to a small island in the Aegean Sea where the seaside town of Upetria is preparing for a celebration in honour of Poseidon. However, the seemingly quiet town hides many secrets… Will you be able to save them when crisis hits, shaking the foundations of their way of living and threatening their lives?

Chase The White Dragon

By Savage Mick and Nuge

A Savage Worlds game for 5 players

Know him by the name Bái Lóng … the White Dragon. Is he the mythical thousand-year-old Dragon sorcerer of China? Or an international drug boss and criminal mastermind who draws upon the ancient legend to create fear? There’s no way the bane of Mongol raiders and Red Communist alike could be the same Bai Long, no? But… what if he IS!

To have lived over a thousand years is strong magic and comes at a cost. The kind of cost that must be paid not in gold or paper money but in blood and sacrifice to the Kings of the Thousand Hells! What secrets does the White Dragon hide in the city of Baodau?

Well Jack Moon, you and your friends have picked the darnedest places to start a fight!

A love letter to John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China written on the back of a copy of Savage Worlds by Savage Mick and Nuge

Crafty Miners

By Ian Paul Power

A homebrew game for 5 players

At the end of a long day mining for diamonds, cooking food in the furnace and fishing for enchanted books, you and your four friends settle in to your beds to wait for morning. You lie down in bed, wearing full armour, and… Nothing happens…

You wait for the darkness to disappear and morning to instantly happen… But it doesn’t.

As the screams of the phantoms ring out above you, you turn to your friends and ask the question you never want to hear.

“… Do you hear hissing?”

Crafty Miners – An RPG for 5… Crafty Miners

The Business of War

By Daniel Adams

Amman V. Once a barren, desert backwater. A faint blip on the galactic map, not worth noticing by anyone or anything. Now look at it. Arcologies that reach the stars. Five-star resorts, hotels and casinos. Selfie ops as far as the eye can see. All built by the al-Khatib family and the royals. And then of course there’s ARMEX, where megacorps and PMCs from all over the galaxy come to show off their latest mechs and other toys in brutal pitched combat in five different terraformed arenas, broadcast for the entertainment of all. You know why you’re here, pilot. Do the company proud and show off what our new frames can do…

A custom game of Mech Combat for 5 ace pilots. Rated T for teens.

The Case of the Cuckoo Clock

By Séamas MacLochlainn

A Risus game for 5 players

In a city choked by industry, a charming bunch of ragamuffins roam the streets with their long suffering cat in tow. Come rain or shine, they stick together! But now one of the gang has gone missing! They ain’t seen him in days, and they’re beginning to get worried. It’s time to buckle up, to fight bullies, and to find their friend!

A Disneyesque adventure for five players.

The Prague Affair

By Feargal Keenan

A 5th Ed Vampire the Masquerade game for 6 players

Key players of the Camarilla convene in the estate outside of Prague, invited by former Justicar Carlak, now Prince of the city at the behest of the one and only Hardestadt the Elder, Architect of the Ivory Tower and Chairman of the Inner Circle. Seldom does he call people to convene in such things as the Conclave but 2012 is a year of strife and you, you shall ensure the Ivory Tower stands tall and strong by protecting the Founder himself. You and your Coterie will continue your duties and protect the Ivory King – or you will rest at the foundations of this tower. As Ash.

Clocktower Girls Vs. High Society

A Fate Accelerated RPG for 6 players by Michael Calnan & Dave Hayes,

“Lady Grace Drummond-Hay Baroness of Brookwood-upon-Nene announces the engagement of her mother, Angelique Drummond-Hay, the Dowager-Duchess to Mr. Albert Cawley of Cawley Thermodynamic, London.”

Lady Grace has a problem! Her mother is remarrying and she has to host the engagement party. It’s either going to be the social event of the season or a monumental disaster. All she has to contend with are cut-throat socialites, vengeful relatives, desperate scandal mongers and protecting a priceless diamond engagement ring. What’s a girl to do? Call in her best school chums to help of course!

Rated PGD

Supernatural: Family Ties: Watching You Watching Me

By Dudley Martin

A Supernatural RPG for 12 players

After a mostly successful first gig and a clue as to who is behind the FBI frame up. The band heads to Charleston, South Carolina for the next gig and to continue their investigation. The dead hunters that were used to frame them, had come from Charleston, so more information has to be there. You have to be cautious as this is a large city and you are still wanted terrorists. But you have to clear you names, at least of the crimes you have not committed.

So pack your instruments, load your guns, and get ready to find the bastards that framed you!

Blood and Iron: Over the Hills and Far Away

By Dudley Martin

A Modified 1st Ed Victoriana game for 9 players

February 1866, the Taiping rebellion is flaring up again. Intelligence assets have captured plans regarding a massive assault on British and Imperial Chinese locations . The leaders of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and the Tao mages seek to destroy all their opposition in one fell swoop. This leaves an opening to set an ambush for them. With new abilities to counter their magiks, and new weapons to oppose them , this is your opportunity to deal them a sound defeat.

A company of their leaders are traveling to oversee an attack on Hong Kong. Here is your opportunity. Stop them and you will have made great strides in this war. Can you take advantage of the situation? Can you turn the tide of the conflict? The Empire and your friends are relying on you!


Starfleet’s Irregulars: Episode 3

By Irene

Crewing a starship you come to expect the unusual. Still being kidnapped by an apparently omnipotent child comes as something of a surprise. Now to get back home you’ll need to survive her ‘tests’.

City of No Flag

By Sly Dirk games

An Oceania LARP for 40 players

Numidia has grown Quite big since its humble beginnings with the Carthage orbiting a base transition star. Now there stations, planetoids, Mining, trade, an increasing population and a ton of space traffic in one of the most cosmopolitan, and open systems in that Badlands Sector, of the Scutum–Centaurus Arm, of the Milky-way Galaxy.

That does not mean you are without Enemies, Rogue AIs, Corporate Megalomaniacs, A spacial Empire with more power than sense and any amount of bounty hunters all cause disquiet in you little corner of space.

But you are strong. You sing no anthems, Pay no Taxes, hold no Loyalties. You are a system of rebels, a System of no nations. Your stations are all Cities No Flag.

City of No Flag is an ongoing LARP by Sly Dirk Games, Set in the Unclaimed Worlds Universe.

Ravensdale Academy ⅗: Trick or Treat

By Feargal Keenan, Gavin Walsh, Ray Kennedy and Hannah Marks

KICK a Cooperative Narrative Homebrew system for 20 players

The Midterm is coming up and that means one thing…the annual Halloween Party at Ravensdale! This year they’re pulling out all the stops. As in stopping the Occult Conjurations Club from organizing a Séance and summoning an eldritch horror. Stopping the Science Society from “having a special effects contest” that could result in a hurricane. Again. The Halloween party is when students will be encouraged to show off their costumes, participate in games and enjoy the festivities on campus.

As a reminder it has be 6 days and 4 hours since our last…

Sorry it has been 3 hours since our last Occult Event on campus. Good work everyone!

Who Dares, Wins!

By Sweet and Sorrow

A homebrew LARP for 14 players

We are pleased to announce a brand new reality TV Extravaganza, from the makers of No Privacy, and Exposed & Scared comes- Who Dares, Wins!

14 lucky contestants will spend night after night in Stately Undergrove Manor, which has been abandoned for decades and is rumoured to even be haunted – Creepy!

The last contestant daring enough to stay in the house, and survive each round of evictions, will not just win the admiration of the public but also ownership of Undergrove Manor itself and the surrounding grounds.

So send us an application saying why you deserve a space in the house, and remember: Who Dares, Wins!

A game of Social Drama and “friendly” competition for 14 daring contestants, by Sweet & Sorrow

The Lost Treasure of Eden

By Sweet and Sorrow

A homebrew LARP for 14 players

It is New Year’s Eve, 1979. A new decade, and new discoveries loom large in the Horizon.

As does an Angel with a fiery sword.

You are part of an intrepid expedition out to discover the lost Garden of Eden and its treasures. Calamity struck in your journey, but fate and fortune have stranded you in your exact destination.

You have the opportunity of a lifetime before you; to explore the Garden and discover its secrets. But you are not alone. Others are here seeking treasure, fortune and glory, and you must decide who, if any, you can trust and work together with. Whatever lies in the Garden, it might mean doom for us all if it were to fall into the wrong hands..

A game of lighthearted pulp adventure for 14 daring explorers by Sweet and Sorrow”

Hell is an Abandoned Train in Berlin

By Padraig O’Ruis

A homebrew LARP for 20 players

The great land of Maldaron is under siege from the terrible threat of a great lich lord and the raging battle has-


Sorry, I’m sure you were interested in that but I’ve got something better for you. The when is 2088 and the where is Berlin. The who are Berlin’s finest hackers and cyber-scum, all converging in an abandoned underground train station for one of the most anticipated raves of the decade: the *legendary* TwistedMi5ter is making a rare live appearance for a unique little experience: a rave happening IRL and in the cyberframe. So all you crazy hackers can get plugged in and experience this once in a lifetime gig in the limitless landscape of the cybernetic mainframe. Now it’s invite only but your buddy here can get you on the guestlist. So waddya say. You in?