Special Events

Leprecon has long had a reputation for some of the most elaborate and flavourful special events to date, and we’re aiming to continue this this year with wacky and mysterious fun for all the family.


Slot Special Event Special Event Special Event
7PM-10PM Assassins Registration at Front Desk Alt Events Interactive Cinema Bar Games


Slot Special Event Special Event Special Event
ALL DAY! Giant Jenga Assassin: Killing Field Empty Epsilon Starship Bridge Simulator
ALL DAY! Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Craft Table
7PM-10PM Pub Quiz


Slot Special Event Special Event Special Event
ALL DAY! Giant Jenga Star Citizen Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
ALL DAY! Craft Table 2pm Costume Contest Judging

Special Events 

Stealth, daring, and maybe a bit of luck. Stalk your prey through the con, always keeping a wary eye out for whoever may have a target on your back. A con wide game of Assassin (except in designated areas), armed with a sash and clothes peg, try to eliminate your targets while avoiding elimination yourself.

Sign up Friday. Game Play on Saturday and Sunday. Winner will be the player still ‘living’ with the most targets completed.

Giant Jenga:
The higher you build it, the hard it falls. Just like the classic game but GIANT.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes!
What it says on the tin. Two player game: one has the bomb disposal manual, the other the tools, and they can only talk to each other. Team work and communication skills are vital to ensure that nothing explodes.

Empty Epsilon:
Played Artemis at other cons? Well Robb is back, but with a different bridge simulator, Empty Epsilon. An open source bridge simulator with a lot more to it now.

In built tutorial, games master ability to throw random things into your game, hack your opponents ship (It’s minesweeper 😛 ) and even have full fleshed out storyline missions.

Space, bigger, better, and now with Robb able to be a vindictive member of the Q continuum too.

Craft Table:
Take a break and relax or create a masterpiece. Bring your own supplies or use what’s on offer.

ALT Event Interactive Cinema:
ALT Events will be hosting their interactive cinema at the con this year. Through the magic of your phone, you the audience can decide what happens on screen, or just sit back and enjoy the movie.

ALT Events are a non-profit group creating sustainable alternatives to drink culture in Dublin by putting on quirky events like gaming and board-game nights, in the hopes of giving other options on how to spend their evenings.

Star Citizen:
Race around the track in the hottest new virtual spaceship game around. Stunning visuals and crazy fast races, the winner is the racer with the best time.

Costume Contest:
What’s a con without costumes? This year Leprcon will be running a costume contest! Bring out your glad rags or try to make something at the craft table. Wear it around the con and post a picture to the facebook event. Let us admire you!