RPG/LARP Timetable

Below you’ll find our timetable for LARPs and RPGs at Leprecon! Please note that all times are provisional and may change before the event. Click on the name of the game to read the blurb!

RPG/LARP Entry €3 unless otherwise stated


Slot RPG RPG LARP Pathfinder Society 7-11
7PM-10PM Crimson Skies: The Mystery of the Missing Swan by Daniel Adams Never Land by KB It’s better to travel hopefully by Graham Turner and Andrew Coffey The Prince of Augustana
#0-13 Tier 1-5


11AM-2PM Supernatural: Family Ties – Shadows in the Dark by Dudley Martin A Long Way Home by Nick Whyte City of No Flag by Dave Hayes
Pathfinder Society 10AM-2PM Shades of Ice—Part I: Written in Blood
#2-15 Tier 1-5
Tyranny of Winds, Part 3: Caught in the Eclipse
#8-12 tier 3-7
3PM-6PM Blood and Iron: The Vengeance of Heaven by Dudley Martin Betrayal on the High Seas by Lloyd Gayn Echoes of Dublin by Jon Butler and Eoin Dornan
Pathfinder Society 3pm-7PM Shades of Ice—Part II: Exiles of Winter
#2-17 Tier 1-5
The Chasm of Screams
#2-14 Tier 7-11
7PM-10PM Curse of Fausaint by Charlie O Neill Pro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit- Hardcore Havoc by Padraig O Ruis and Andrew Barcoe, The PWEC Team


11AM-2PM  Library of the Lost by Dave Hayes Warbirds of Thena by Nick Whyte Too Far by Gavin Walsh
Pathfinder Society 10AM-2PM Shades of Ice—Part III: Keep of the Huscarl King
#2-19 Tier 1-5
Weapon in the Rift
#5-13 tier 5-97
3PM-6PM Mexican Gulf Dos: El Tigre y Monstruo Rojo y El Hombre Millones Y Uno y Señor Bandito y Padre Águila contra Generalissimo Draculazor y Frankenxolotl y Bearnado Rex y Gojzilla Americano y El Hijo de Cthulhu by Los niños del Sol (Icecream & Nuge) Cogs and Sprogs, by Ian Power Dublin Dark Heresy LARP Society Presents: A LARP in two parts – Death & Taxes by Matty
Pathfinder Society 3pm-7PM The Penumbral Accords
#2-11 Tier 1-5
In Wrath’s Shadow
#4-02 Tier 3-7