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Crew Wanted

Thanks to everyone who made Leprecon 41 such a success!

Run an RPG / LARP

If you have any games you would like to run, even if you have just an idea, submit them at the form below! You don’t need to have it fully formed or worked out yet – sign up as long as have the idea! The deadline for submissions is the 29th of April, so make sure you sign up with your awesome ideas before then!

It’s a lot of fun, a great place to try new ideas, and to meet new people to play games together with!

RPG/LARP submissions are now closed. Thanks to all the awesome GMs!


Your chance to sign up as a volunteer at Leprecon is still open! Leprecon is entirely volunteer-run, and more volunteers are always needed 🙂

As a volunteer, you get a rare and very fun experience, as well as an exclusive T-shirt!

Volunteer sign-ups are now closed. Thanks for everyone’s time and effort. Sign-ups will likely re-open in Spring 2023 for Leprecon 42.