The committee for Leprecon 38, the crew of mad men and women who have taken on the task of bringing Leprecon to a new venue are:

Oisín Creaner – Director
Allan Leeson – Assistant Director and Trade Liaison
Eimear Quinn – Treasurer
Emily Collins – Special Events
Andrew Barcoe – RPGs and LARPs
Jack Carey – Wargames
Luke Dowling – CCGs
Macdara Roche – Webmaster
Baz Nuge – Design
Eimeár O’Connor – Design
Hudson – Staff

Oisín Creaner


Oisín is a guy who’s been on more committees than he can remember, and who’s been called out of retirement for one last job as director of Leprecon 38. Other than complaining about how he’s getting too old (at 31) for this s**t, he’s also been talking about this great boat he’s looking to buy, showing people pictures of his family and saying how he’s looking forward to the quiet life (of running three larp events a year.) It’s not clear if he’s intending on calling the boat the Live Forever, but what is clear is that he’s dooooooooomed.

Allan Leeson

Allan has previously been treasurer of Leprecon, and is now trying his hand at Assistant Con Director. Normally, Allan can be found learning the dark sorcery of Physics, while trying to bring in the necessary tithe of souls required to keep Trinity Gamers running through his role as President. He has been known to LARP.

He can be found pouring a mixture of caffeine, alcohol and reassurance into Oisin, but mostly the latter two.

Eimear Quinn

Eimear Quinn is the treasurer for Trinity Gamers, and keeping with that trend, she takes care of the money for the con. When she’s not handlilng the purse strings she’s probably learning how to genetically engineer super soldiers or thinking about the cats she’d like to own. Rumour has it she’s powered by cute stuff and chocolate.

Emily Collins

Emily is a glitterholic, dog loving, drama queen. She enjoys dragons, campy-horror films and writing her bio in the third person. A recovering goth she has experience in costume, storytelling and shadow puppetry. She’s been put in charge of Special Events –those things that are cool and wanted in the con but don’t really fit anywhere else- and intends to make sure they are special, even if she needs to resort to begging, blackmail and black arts to get it.

Andrew Barcoe

Andrew has been previously involved in the committees of Leprecon and Gaelcon, has run LARPs at 6 different Conventions and been involved in the running of 3 separate ongoing LARPs. He is also slowly admitting that he is more than “lightly” involved in gaming.
This is his second year in charge of coordinating RPGs & LARPs, and he intends to both snag seasoned veterans and encourage first time writers to make a gaming timetable that will make him sorely regret not being able to go to all of the games this year.

Jack Carey


No one knows when Jack started appearing at Leprecon. He was just… always… there. But Wargames has always been his passion. When he starts talking about running Leprecon’s Tabletop tournaments, his eyes light with a fire that just doesn’t seem totally sane. He’s been the Wargames coordinator for a few years now. How he managed to get into such a position of power is anyone’s guess…

Luke Dowling

Luke is a Level 2 magic judge who decided that more cards sounds like a good time and became cards game coordinator to bring this idea to the masses. Frequently found waist deep in a pile of wires and metal plates mumbling about becoming a “master of the mechanical”. Known to be enthusiastic for all things that fit in a card sleeve and getting tournaments running smoothly.

MacDara Roche

MacDara is a strange, almost enigmatic member of the board. He’s more known for his exploits in the world of video games, having previously worked at G-Series and DreamHack, than anything related to the obviously superior traditional gaming. Expect him to bring something with a bit of a digital twist to this event (where digital twists are traditionally expelled with pitchforks and torches). Most of his work will remain unseen as he toils endlessly on the hamster wheel that runs this website.

Baz Nuge

Nuge is a warning of what happens when you dig too greedily into the mine that is Gaming Responsibility.

Former director of Leprecon, Gaelcon, co-founder of Hobocon and organiser of 1 & 1/3rd Hobocons since then, former National Storyteller of Camarilla Ireland, National Game Writer of the Year 2016 (all it took was having the Itzacon RPG coordinator on a literal leash), inventor of Rubber Duck Golf, and the guy who has likely designed the con t-shirt you are wearing.

He is responsible for Designing Stuff, Spotify, and making Oisin seem sane by comparison.

Eimear O’Connor

Eimear O’Connor is a small yet occasionally loud human who loves all things fun and all things artsy. She can be found reading murder mysteries/ RPG books, drinking neat spirits, hoarding cats and painting nearby objects. Her job is to design things and she’s generally very excited about it!


Hudson is a dark and mysterious figure, responsible for .  Many have wondered, but few even know his true name.