Wargaming 37

This information is for Leprecon 37, which took place in March 2016.  It’s retained for Archive purposes.

For full information on wargames with timetable, click here.

Guild Ball
“Leprecon will be hosting Ireland’s first Sanctioned Tournament on Saturday the 12th of March. Registration will be from 09:30. The tournament will start at 10.

Since this will be a sanctioned tournament, there are a few requirements:
– All players must bring fully painted teams
– Event must be run to ‘Regional Cup’ rules outlined in the Organised Play document.

Match Win Conditions – 12 VP
Round Length – 45 minute chess clock timer, with 20 minutes of extra time and 110 minute round length
Team Roster Selection – Select a captain, select a mascot, and select 6 other eligible players, then make a team of 6 for each game.
Match Roster Selection – You pick your team in secret and reveal at the same time as your opponent.

Entry to the tournament will be €5. We will be playing with terrain. If you have any queries, or would like to enquire about Guild Ball generally, please direct them to guildballpunditsdublin@gmail.com.”

Warhammer 40k

In the grim darkness of the future there is only war.

Warhammer 40k returns once again to Leprecon this year with a 20 player tournament will contain 5 games played over 2 days on the Saturday and Sunday of Leprecon. Complete rules for the tournament can be found here. Army rosters for those who wish to participate in the tournament should be submitted before the 11th March to jcarey1412@gmail.com



Through a haze of smoke comes the sound of giant metal monsters. From the distance comes the roar of beasts. These are the Iron Kingdoms, where anceint rivalries among nations explode in to all-out conflict, and the tameless hordes struggle for dominion and survival.

On Sunday 13th March Leprecon will be hosting a 50pt Steamroller tournament. Players should prepare 2 Lists with different warlocks/warcasters. Army rosters for those who wish to participate should be submitted before the 11th March to jcarey1412@gmail.com

Rules Pack may be found at this location.


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