War Games

In addition to the timetabled tournaments below, we also have demo tables of Warzone: Resurrection and AvP: The Hunt Begins all weekend thanks to Brian Kenny, AND  a massive old-school wargame in the form of Avalon Hill’s The Longest Day with thanks to Rob Brennan & Brian Friel of Chimera Con

Tournament Entry €5 unless otherwise stated


Tournament 10AM-6PM Demo 11AM-6PM Special 12 noon-6PM
Warmachine and Hordes Warzone: Resurrection Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse
X-wing AvP: The Hunt Begins The Longest Day


Tournament 10AM-6PM Demo 11AM-6PM Special 12 noon-6PM
Guildball AvP: The Hunt Begins Command and Colours: The Great War
Warhammer 40,000 Warzone: Resurrection Memoir ’44


Warmachine and Hordes 10am-6pm (€5)
It is time to play like you’ve got a pair! Join the Leprecon Tournament and pit your steam-powered warjacks and primal warbeasts against each other. Crush your enemy under overwhelming power or be crushed yourself, the choice is yours. Rules for the tournament can be found here at this link!

X-wing 10am-6pm (€5)
Through blasted asteroid fields and above war-torn planets, the call has been made: will you fight for freedom and justice, power and order, or just for yourself? Leprecon’s X-Wing tournament will let you enter the Star Wars universe and take flight with your squadron as you fight through enemy fleets and dangerous environments as the fate of the galaxy rests in your hands. Standard Tournament rules apply, click this link for more details

Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse 12noon- 6pm (FREE!)
Apocalypse is upon us! Join multiple players in a massive, unrestricted Warhammer 40k battle over the entire day. Choose you side and join the fray against legions of warriors and machines in order to claim your victory and survive the end of the world! (Teams will be assigned on the day.  Players are encouraged to bring as many heavy and super-heavy vehicles as they can lay their hands on, and sides will be put together as fairly as we can.


Guildball 10am-6pm (€5)
Guild Ball is the fast-paced game of medieval fantasy football. The Guilds send their players out to win fame and fortune, while sinister plots take place in the shadows. You can play as the brutal Butchers, the slippery Fishermen, the stalwart Masons, and many more!

The stage is set, the stands are packed and the crowds roar for the game to begin. And who are you to disappoint? Take to the field of Guildball and show the masses why you are the best in the game and deserve the number one spot.  Enter Leprecon’s Guildball tournament and show them what you’ve got. 

Interested in Guild Ball but don’t know how to play or don’t have a team? No problem! Come chat to Tournament Organiser “Siskey” during the convention and he can show you how to play and supply a team for you to try out during the tournament! Drop him a line at guildballpunditsdublin@gmail.com to arrange this in advance, if you like!  Tournament rules pack available here.

Warhammer 40k 10am-6pm (€5)
Armies clash, brother fights brother, and the galaxy burns to the laughter of thirsting gods. Leprecon is hosting the Warhammer 40k tournament that will see armies from across the stars clash for the chance to win all out victory. Tournament Rules available from this link!

Demo Games/Special Wargames Events (FREE ALL WEEKEND)

Warzone: Resurrection with thanks to Brian Kenny
A demonstration of the game set in the diesel-punk dark future of the Mutant Chronicles Universe, Warzone: Resurrection allows players to use the unique WAR ruleset & Prodos amazing range of 32mm ‘true scale’ miniatures, to battle it out on the table top with the forces of the Megacorps, the Brotherhood and the Dark Legion for control of the Solar System and the very soul of humanity.

Aliens vs. Predator: The Hunt Begins with thanks to Brian Kenny
USCSS Theseuss is travelling to a new colony when something gets loose aboard, throwing the ship’s Colonial Marine detail into a pitched battle with something terrifying, things only get worse when something else shows up to. A demonstration of the board game from Prodos Games, AvP: THB allows players to take control of one of the 3 factions and struggle to survive aboard a starship failing around them. Which will you do, build the Hive, stay alive or collect trophies?

Avalon Hill’s The Longest Day with thanks to Rob Brennan & Brian Friel of Chimera Con
Hit the beaches! Join us and Private Ryan recreating the June 1944 Normandy landings on a giant map with every historical battalion represented. Madness? No, just an old school monster wargame that is lots of fun for team play. We plan to game the first three days of the landings at Leprecon – come along, take command, complain about your allies! This demo game showcases the sort of games available at Dublin’s newest gaming convention – Chimera Con on May 13th – devoted to large, long, multi-player wargames and boardgames.

Command and Colours: The Great War
From the bloody fields of the Somme to the technological terrors of Camrai, the battles of the First World War are captured in Richard Borg’s latest card-and-dice based wargame.  Simple to learn but engaging for the experienced, this game is sure to prove a firm favourite.

Memoir ’44
First developed in response to a request from the French Government (or so the story goes) Memoir ’44 captures the sense of the battles of the Second World war, from the invasion of Poland right through to the fall of Berlin, fight your way across the bloodiest conflict in history.