The Battle for Arkanthos IV Returns

An Only War game from the mind of Jack Carey, running all across the weekend, Arkanthos IV Returns to Leprecon XLI

Twenty years have passed since the Imperial Guard won back Arkanthos IV. For twenty years there has been peace as the citizens of the planet return to work for the Imperium of Man. But worlds as valuable as Arkanthos IV will always be coveted by the Imperium’s enemies and now the world faces invasion once more: Waaagh! Skulkraka has come. The Imperium demands that every guardsman on Arkanthos IV fight and die to defend the planet. You are one such guardsman. You are a single human defender among millions who must stand against the dark of aliens and traitors with only a lasgun and suit of flak armour to protect you. You will fight and you will die. But your sacrifice will save the world.rld in the Scarus Sector. Now, its people have fallen to the lies of the Ruinous Powers of Chaos and rebelled against their former protectors. In response, the regiments of the Imperial Guard, the Hammer of the Emperor, have been dispatched to bring this rebellion to justice. Arkanthos will become a battlefield as the traitors are ground into dust under a hail of bullets and legions of manpower.