Special Events 36

This information is for Leprecon 37, which took place in March 2016.  It’s retained for Archive purposes.

Every con needs special events, and we have an exciting selection for you this year. View here for a timetable and overview of events.

Keep Talking and Everybody Explodes
In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, an individual with an instruction manual calmly relays instructions on how to diffuse a bomb. This is stressful, but fun. We at Leprecon decided to up the ante by splitting the instructions among multiple people, spreading the information and seeing just how chaotic we can make this game. Not only will you need a calm head and quick wits, you’ll also need to ensure that your team does the same. Because if everyone keeps talking, then everyone explodes!

Milk & Cookies
Stay a while and listen. Listen to stories (and maybe even tell your own) in one of the friendliest environments in Dublin, brought to Leprecon by Milk & Cookies. The theme for this session is “Your games, your stories”.

Mario Kart Tournament
Start your engines! Warboy training isn’t complete without a making sure your the best damn driver on these dune flats. And where better to test that than in Mario Kart

Super Smash Brothers Tournament
Join us as we assemble a Nintendo’s greatest warriors to take each other on in an all-out battle and smash your way to victory.

Post Con Socialising

Every evening when darkness falls, we’ll be heading out on the town for boardgaming and banter with a different atmosphere each evening.

Friday evening we’ll be heading to Doyles Pub, a traditional bar set right by Trinity on College Street where we’ll while away the night.

Saturday evening we’ll be crossing the river to Robert Redes on Store Street where we’ll be hosting our annual pub quiz. Test your knowledge of a host of topics as you quiz your way to victory.

Sunday evening we’ll be adjourning to Chaplins Bar on Hawkins Street after the con to celebrate the end of a great weekend of gaming with yet more gaming. We’ll be bringing along some of the favourite boardgames of the weekend to sit back and enjoy with a beer in each hand.


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