Pandemic: Leprecon

It started with the board gamers, right here in Dublin. Right here, at Leprecon. That’s where patient zero was. Then it spread, mutating into new strains so that it could infect the Wargamers, and the card gamers… Not even the LARPers were safe. It started right here, at Leprecon 40…

Pandemic Legacy, a campaign style co-operative board game is going to running all weekend long. and con-goers will get chances to play and alter the world of the game with their actions, as they play as scientists trying to save humanity from deadly diseases.

Each group of players will leave a permanent mark on the game, and the next group of players will get to interact with a never before seen version of the Pandemic universe, altering game pieces, tearing them up, and adding new rules. As the weekend goes on, the world morphs around players decisions, and at the end of the weekend, there will be a one of a kind Leprecon 40 copy of Pandemic Legacy- Which we’ll give away to one of our players at the end of the convention. So sign up for a slot in the main hall, play some Pandemic while you wait for your RPG slot, Lunch, or Wargame round, and contribute to a truly unique special event across the weekend.

Running across Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Leprecon XL.