Leprecon 38 will present a variety of larps, from the cooperative to back-bitingly competitive. These games will be spread out over Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with morning (11-2), afternoon (3-6) and evening (7-10) slots available. You’ll find a list of games and a brief description of them below! Please note that all time are provisional and may change before the Convention itself

LARP Entry €3 unless otherwise stated


Evening (7PM-10PM)


It’s better to travel hopefully by Graham Turner and Andrew Coffey

The Epsilon Phoenix is a high-speed hauler, plying the space lanes, transporting the most valuable cargoes to the most interesting places. The crew are fast talkers and smooth operators,with a tendency to run when the problem looks bad.

She has taken on passengers in the Feral Slumber system: Eros Corporation men and women, needing passage to 13-Sigma-Secondus. Their mission is urgent- with no questions asked, and cargo space to hold their prize: the living brains of two dozen corporate defectors, recently caught and executed by Tiamat Corporation. Eros want the information those brains hold, and in enough time that torture will prove an effective punishment for their crimes.

The worry however, are the unexpected passengers. Dressed in black and bearing the sigil of Anubis Corporation, they came aboard on Feral Slumber, vouched for by the expedition’s leader. Grim and silent, their purpose is unknown.

Distrust is in the air; some invisible menace threatens. Why this ship? Why this journey? Who has drawn them here? Any why? How well do you really know your companions?

A Coreolis Combine Horror themed LARP Graham Turner and Andrew Coffey.


Morning (11AM-2PM)


City of No Flag by Dave Hayes

Being a Pirate is hard in the modern universe. Most of the large system conglomerates hold all the power and in recently have been wiping out all the ports that would let you dock, and you have been left somewhat out in the cold. That is where Carthage Deep-Space Station comes in. Two Granada class Superheavies welded together with Galena Class Carrier thrown into the mix for good measure. This is now your port, your sanctuary, but with all such places there is a price, before, in other stations and drifts, it was money, but on Carthage, it is service.


Afternoon (3PM-6PM)


Echoes of Dublin by Jon Butler and Eoin Dornan

A decade ago the spirits of Dublin rose up and cast down the Forsaken. New packs came to the city to reclaim it, and though they were successful in defeating the spirit’s Master, it came at a great cost- they can no longer reside in the city. They have issued a challenge to packs across the land to take up their vigil and continue to protect the capital from the vagaries of both the spirit world and more unnatural threats.

A Werewolf the Forsaken Game


Evening (7PM-10PM)


Pro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit – Hardcore Havoc by Padraig O’Rúis and Andrew Barcoe, the PWEC Team

PWEC is back on pay-per-view once again and this time all hell is going to break loose. It’s the one night of the year where the inmates get to run the asylum and you can be sure there won’t be a shortage of madness throughout the night. Everyone on the card will be channeling their inner hardcore wrestler with plenty of ladders, tables, and barbed wire to go around. Everything is on the line from championships to your body itself at Hardcore Havoc!

Another game in the PWEC universe for 15 returning players and 7 new players. 



Morning (11AM-2PM)


Too Far by Gavin Walsh

Too Far

Your inky blackness called to us.
Seemed sweet in our mind.
We made effigies to you,
Of fire, the light made us blind.

We scrambled for something more,
An escape we were quick to grant others.
We fought and bled and fought some more
Our pushing, our shoving, our clawing. It smothers.

But then, O then, we built our pyre,
Burning for all to see.
And after many sacrifices,
Blood spilt upon the world we wished to flee

We broke you with not even a thought.
You screamed back “NO!”
We answered… with silence. A pause.
We would not venture were we feared to go.

But push came to shove.
The devil was driving it would seem.
We walked through the glass we left.
Once more ignorant of your silent scream.

We kept the need for blood.
It became part of us now.
Still pushing without any need.
Our children didn’t need to be shown how.

Then like a flash. No light. No sound.
We broke what was broken before.
There was deafening screams, silent,
Crying out as we tore.

Can we now listen, all hearing as one.
Dear atrophied gods we will be undone.
While clinging to the darkness that we tried to snuff.

Have we gone too far.

Or not far enough?

A Sci-Fi, Political, Mystery for 16 people


Afternoon (3PM-6PM)


Dublin Dark Heresy LARP Society Presents: A LARP in two parts – Death & Taxes by Matty

All rise for the dishonourable Judge Tzience. Inquisitor Phalif, you stand accused of numerous crimes against the Chaos Gods, the many Xenos races of the Ultima sector, & even you own kind, those you call Heretics. How do you plead? My client wishes to add for the record that ‘Only the one true God-Emperor may judge my actions & by his holy light and under his watchful gaze you shall all burn’ So noted. Prosecutor Moltekh, you may begin. A Warhammer 40K LARP for 12 players By Matty