LARPs 37

This information is for Leprecon 37, which took place in March 2016.  It’s retained for Archive purposes.

Ve Are Zhe Night!

Welcome to the Disc, a flat world resting on the backs of four elephants supported on the shell of a giant turtle swimming through space. This disc is home to all creatures bright and beautiful, monsters great and small. All things weird and wonderful, the discworld has them all. Including the undead. Or the ‘vitally challenged’ as some prefer to be called.

For the past decade or so those on either side of the grave have learnt to live –or unlive- with each other, if not in harmony, then at least in the same key. But all that may be about to change. Something has happened on the disc and things are no longer as certain as they once were.

Tensions have been growing among the vampire community between the Uberwald League of Temperance – vampires how have sworn off the red stuff- and the new breed of Vampyres –vampires who have taken a more modern and scientific approach to their condition.

Now members of both groups have received mysterious letters inviting them to an abandoned castle on the border of Uberwald and Genua. As they gather in the dusty great hall they wait for their host to make themselves known, careful to keep an eye on those power-mad-blood-suckers/neurotic-tea-drinking-freaks.

A game of gothic parody and silly accents for 10-14 players

Cross Roads

The world has changed, and not for the better. War started, nuclear weapons were launched… But no one won. Most of the world is uninhabitable, either from nuclear fall out, or from the mutated irradiated monsters that roam it. Humanity still survives in settlements but every day people die. Things are not looking good, unless something changes.

The heads of the six largest settlements left on Earth as well as the leaders of the six largest nomadic groups have come together to hold a summit, to discuss trade agreements and alliances. Be it starvation or 10 foot tall radioactive scorpions, everyone has their own problems. Maybe, with cooperation, some could be solved. But how much can you really trust your neighbours?

A post apocalyptic social political larp for 12-18 warlords, involving social manipulation, resource trading, and negotiation. By Andrew Barcoe

Dublin Dark Heresy LARP Society presents: Spare a cup of Sugar?

It seems at Planetary Governor Sulfun Dorn has made an unexpected visit to Daleas III.
Either he is behind on his tithe again or someone in the family has died.

***Incoming Call***

Cousin, it has been too long.
Just happened to be in system & though about dropping by, how nice of you
Yes I was wondering about about two Mass Conveyor ships you arrived with
What do you mean by “Borrow some food”
How Much Food!?!
I swear to the God-Emperor if it wasn’t for the promise I made mother I’d have you killed
Give me three days & then we shall talk.

A Warhammer 40K LARP for 12 new players by Matty

The Treaty of Tellemont Seven

Talon Corporation was once a bright shining light, a model Corporate State. That was before, of course, and this is now. They over-reached, and the other Corporations turned on their former ally. The war was brief, and bloody. Now there is nothing left to do, but to carve up Corvid space amongst the victors.

Representatives from the five Megacorporations meet amongst the ruins of Tellemont Seven, once the jewel in the crown of Talon Corporation’s Empire.  There, in the ruins of greatness, will a whole sector of the known Galaxy be carved up.

Take your place amongst the representatives of Anubis, Eros, Galaxy, Solaris and Tiamat. Pit your cunning, your guile, your ruthlessness against your fellows. It is up to you to take what Talon Corporation have lost.

To the Victor the Spoils.

A Coreolis Combine LARP for twelve players by Graham Turner

High Stakes, High Society.

Sisk Calarook is a well known name in High Society circles. A renowned collector and seller of anything of value, known for his shrewd business sense and lavish parties, especially his exclusive private auctions.
Sisk Calarook is also a well known name in espionage circles. A renowned collector and seller of anything of value, including weapons, stolen items and information, known for his moral ambivalence and his exclusive private auctions.
You have obtained an invitation for his latest auction, so pack your best tux/dress, and your best smile. Not every lot is what is seems to be, and not every bidder is who they say they are. But then, neither are you.

A social game of auctioning, espionage and intrigue, with some accents encouraged for up to 14 player By Andrew Barcoe.

The Pro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit Spring Super Slam!!!


Blurb: It’s that time of year again and to get the year underway, the PWEC is hitting up the Sunshine State of Florida with the Spring Super Slam! Everyone’s favourite wrestlers will be competing over the course of the night and settling old rivalries, while striking up new ones, no doubt. We’ve got two championship titles to defend, a Four-Way Freakout, and of course, the Spring Super Slam itself, where Armageddon looks to remain undefeated at the event. Non-stop carnage, non-stop action, and non-stop wrestling entertainment! All this and more on the PWEC Spring Super Slam!

A LARP for 12 Players by Padraig O’Ruis

Werewolf: The Oldest Enemy

The Drums of War are beating, preparations are to be made, Soon Iok Sotot the great Fomorian beast surrounding Ireland must be destroyed and the Fianna must being to marshal their forces.

But news is spreading, the prophised Fomorian child who would help defeat The Oldest Enemy has been born. 

The White Howlers have been reborn. Allies old and new sharpen their claws. 

It will be a glorious battle to defeat Iok Sotot. The only question now?

When will the Fianna unleash their Rage?