How to Run Games and Influence people (Online)

That’s mad, Ted!

Running an online game at a con might seem mad, but Mike Cosgrave knows what he’s doing*

This is not a drill, not really a game, not really an advice session and not really a demo: it’s more like a combination of all four. For many reasons, online gaming using virtual tabletops (VTT) is becoming more a part of our lives.

Equipped with some laptops from Robbs Cupboard of Infinite Tech Gear, we will play some D&D on Roll20, muck round with the tools, and talk about how we can keeping playing through the plague. This event is aimed at the curious who never tried it but also at experienced folk who should come along to share knowledge, and maybe recruit some players.

*this might not be entirely true!

Brought to you by the Irish Gaming Association.