Guild Ball is the game of medieval fantasy football. It’s a fast-paced miniatures game where two players field characterful and diverse teams of slippery Fishermen, brutal Butchers, rowdy Brewers, or stalwart Masons, as well as many others.

Our friends from the Irish Guild Ball community are here at Leprecon to put on a tournament!
Saturday – Regional Cup Tournament

This is an opportunity for the Guild Ball community to get together and play some competitive games for prizes. We have space for up to 12 players.

If you’ve got an interest in Guild Ball and want to take a crash course, it is very possible to have a quick run-through of the rules and learn by playing in the tournament. We will have teams available for you to borrow during the tournament.

Tournament entry will be €16 including convention entry, which will go towards prize support. There will be participation prizes for all, with winners having their choice of limited edition models from the Season 4 Launch Pack, the Navigator’s Guild Launch Pack and the Cook’s Guild Launch Pack.

The rules for the tournament according to the Regional Cup Organised Player document,
some highlights of which are as follows:

  • Players pick a team of up to 12 players, consisting of 1-2 Captain models, 1-2 Mascot
    models, and 4-10 Squaddie models that play for your selected Guild. Your roster can
    include an original and Veteran version of the same model, but of course you cannot
    have them both playing in the same game.
  • If you’re playing the Blacksmith’s Guild your roster must instead have 3-9 Master
    models and 3-9 Apprentice models.
  • Legal teams for the tournament will be as follows: Alchemist’s Guild, Blacksmith’s
    Guild, Brewer’s Guild, Butcher’s Guild, Cook’s Guild (released on 22nd of March,
    fingers crossed!), Engineer’s Guild, Falconer’s Guild, Farmer’s Guild, Fisherman’s
    Guild, Hunter’s Guild, Mason’s Guild, Mortician’s Guild, Navigator’s Guild, Order of
    Solthecius, Ratcatcher’s Guild, The Union.
  • Games will be played using chess clocks set to 45 minutes each. Rounds will be 110
    minutes in length.
  • Round 1 will start at 10am, players should arrive by 9.45am to ensure that we start
    on time.

Players should register using the Longshanks event page before purchasing a ticket to ensure they have a place: