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RPGs and LARPs

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Come and join any of the amazing tabletop or live-action roleplaying games being held at Leprecon!

To join a game (€2), sign up at the Front Desk before it begins. Make sure to check out the full descriptions for each game:

Card Games

Yu-Gi-Oh Irish National Championships

Saturday 9:30 – 19:00


Magic the Gathering: Pioneer Win-A-Box Tournament

Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

Win-A-Box of Modern Horizons 2!

Magic the Gathering has long been a mainstay at Leprecon, and this year The Warchest is keeping that tradition strong by hosting a big Pioneer tournament with some fantastic prizes to be won. The more people play, the better the prize pool will be!

A ticket for this event includes a CCG day pass for the con. If you already have a con pass, contact the tournament organizer for a discount!

Special Events

Battle for Arkanthos IV

Saturday 10:00 – 21:00
Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

After 20 years of peace, war has returned to Arkanthos IV. Waaagh! Grimskull has arrived. The sky is dark with countless Ork ships, bristling with millions of warriors. The only thing standing the horde are the Imperial Guard.

So tell me Guardsmen: will you run, or will you fight?

Second Battle for Arkanthos IV is a unique Only War RPG by Jack Carey, running on the floor of the con at its own table on Saturday and Sunday.

You may join to play at any time, and leave at any time; it is up to you. Upon joining you will be handed one of the MANY character sheets on hand, and jump into the fray.

However, this is the Imperial Guard. Life expectancy is 5 minutes and bodies are cheaper than equipment.

You will die. And upon your death, you are immediately replaced. By you. See, when your character dies, you will be handed the character sheet of a new, different Guardsman. And then when this Guardsman dies, you are handed another. And another. And another. Until the enemy breaks.

This campaign uses the Only War rulebook, but familiarity with Only War is not required at all: Jack is more than capable of guiding you through this, even if you are being guided into the path of a rampaging Ork!

Leprecon Pub Quiz @ Moss Lane

Saturday 21:00

Leprecon Closing Ceremony

Sunday 17:00

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