Con Guide

First time at Leprecon? Don’t panic! Here’s the ins and outs of how it’ll work.


Roleplaying games are organised into blocks of 3 hours, during which certain RPGs and LARPs will be played (see the RPG timetable for more details).

If you are interested in a game, you go to the RPG registration desk before the game starts and register for that slot. There is a €2 fee, and the person at the RPG registration desk will note you down as attending that game, and tell you which room your game will take place in. Then, come the time of the slot itself, you go straight to your table where you will meet your fellow players and your GM/game writer. The writer will have pre-made character sheets, which you will use to play. If you’ve never played the system before, that’s fine: the writer/GM will be more than happy to guide you through it. You can bring your own dice, but there will be dice available as well. Then you just play, and once the time slot is up you go back to the main hall, and can either register for a new RPG or play something else.

A small aside about LARPs: LARP stands for Live-Action Role-Play and is a variation on RPGs. The difference is that a LARP involves no dice and rarely even involves stats, and is instead far closer to improv theatre than RPGs like D&D. Also, just due to their nature, combat is, uh, frowned upon in LARPs unless expressly and explicitly permitted, and even in those cases there are always strict rules in place to ensure people don’t get hurt.

Board Games

Leprecon has access to a large library of board games, including classics like Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne, quick one-and-done games like Coup, and mammoth games like Twilight Imperium that could take an entire weekend to play. To borrow a game, go to the board games desk, and pay a deposit. You’re then free to enjoy the game at any of the open tables at the con. Once you return the game, your deposit is returned in full. Nice and simple, and a great way to chill with some friends.

You’re also welcome to bring your own favourite board game, play with friends and bond with new people over a game you love.

Card Games

There’s a huge amount of Magic the Gathering events planned at Leprecon 42. For most, you’ll need to register an hour before they begin, and for some you’ll need to pre-book on Eventbrite – take a look at our Card Games timetable for more info. If you want to play but don’t have a deck of your own, you can build, play with and keep one at one of the Draft or Sealed events. If you’re more competitively minded and want to show off your own decks, have a look at the Leprecon Proxy cEDH Tournament, the Pauper Format Challenge, or try your hand at qualifying for the MtG European Regionals with the Warchest RCQ!

Outside of that you are more than encouraged to bring your own cards and play Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon TCG, or whatever you want, in a casual setting.


If you want to come along to play some Warhammer 40k, BattleTech, Age of Sigmar, Bloodbowl, or more, there’ll be dedicated free play tables in the main hall. Try out your army, learn new strategies, make new friends.

If Battletech strikes your fancy, there’ll be games on all weekend at a table, as well as a trader selling Battletech minis if you want to engage in the hobby. Check out Gaslands too, it’s a really fun accessible way to get into wargames, and we’ll have some tables running.

Last but not least, this year Leprecon is hosting a mini painting competition! Bring the painted mini you’re most proud of and have a chance to win a prize.


Part of what makes cons memorable is the rare merch you get to take home after. There’s a wide range of awesome independent vendors booked for Leprecon 42, so come grab some new dice, minis, pins or stickers in the main hall, and support local game businesses!

We’ll also have a destash table, where you can send your unwanted game bits and bobs to new homes.

Special Events

The special events are the meat of a con, and between the endless dungeon crawl, the LARP discussion panel, combat tournament and more, this year is pretty stacked! Have a look at our Events page for all the details.

The most important special events that we encourage you to come along to are the Pub Quiz on Friday evening at 9, the Saturday evening social in the Square Ball (grab a drink and try out some of their board games), and the Closing Ceremony, Sunday at 5, where we say a forlorn goodbye to Leprecon 42, prizes are given out, etc.

Inspired by Phil’s Declassified Con Survival Guide