Classic Battletech at Leprecon

The Revival trials ended with the Crusaders victorious. The Clans are set to bring salvation to the savage Inner Sphere. Your Sibko will be one of the Ghost bear warriors to test out before the fleet departs. 
The last Fifteen years have proven that you deserve to be a part of this Liberation. All that rem
ains is for you to enter the circle of Equals and pass your Blooding. Once passed you will be granted your rightful spot in the Ranks of the clans and then able to earn your place in the Remembrance by bringing glory to your clan. 

Choose your Mech and prepare to face three opponents in one on one Combat in a circle of equal. Do you have what it takes to defeat your foes?

Over the weekend we’ll have mechs and sheets to play with, and a few prizes for the glorious victors, or maybe the funniest losers