Boardgames 37

This information is for Leprecon 37, which took place in March 2016.  It’s retained for Archive purposes.

As always, Leprecon is opening the vast libraries of DU Gamers to the public, with a variety of free-to-play tables allowing you to pick a game that looks fun, sit back, and enjoy yourselves with a few friends. If you’re not certain what games you want to play, our staff will be happy to recommend you some games.

In addition, this year we’ll be joined by several organisations eager to promote themselves and the games they play.

The Men In Black are the volunteer arm of Steve Jackson Games. In the guise of normal, everyday game enthusiasts, they subtly promote awareness of SJ Games products and help to further the agenda of the secret masters. They also do blatantly obvious things like run SJ Games products at conventions, talk them up at game stores, and encourage other gamers to join the fold.

In addition to their normal activities, the Men in Black will be holding a tournament of FRAG, the fast-paced FPS in boardgame form. Move your fighter and frag your foes. Draw cards for weapons, armor, and gadgets. Move through the blood spatters to restore your own health! If you die, you respawn and come back shooting!

ALT Events
Alt Events is a non-profit dedicated to developing a substitute for drink culture by producing quality alternative events in the hopes of providing options to those who don’t want to have to choose between their social life and their liver.

In addition to providing us with a plethora of boardgames to play, ALT Events will be holding a Choose-Your-Own-Boardgame Tournament with you, the attendee, choosing what boardgame becomes the event.

Backspindle Games
Designers of fun and strategy board games such as Guards! Guards! , Codinca, Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice and Clacks; Backspindle Games’ philosophy is that you are never too old or too young to have fun with friends playing interactive, cooperative and strategic games. They’ll be joining us at Leprecon to demonstrate their newest offerings to the boardgames world.

Black Kat Games
Based in Kilkenny, Black Kat Games are one of Ireland’s top gaming stores and event organisers. This year in addition to a number of LCG tournaments including Netrunner and Game of Thrones, they’ll be bringing us a tournament of Dicemasters

Dice Masters® is a smash-hit cross-brand offering utilizing WizKids’ proprietary Dice Building Game platform where players collect and assemble their “team” of character dice and battle in head-to-head game play


One Response to Boardgames 37

  1. David O'Duffy says:

    Interested in Napoleonics. Not sure if this is part of leprecon. Would be very interested to meet other enthusiasts in Napoleonic Wargaming either Boardgames or miniatures.

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